So I was just having some fun and this song came to mind, so I looked it up and played and sang it, I am clearly not a good enough guitar player to play this! maybe one day, lol I still think its very listenable tho!
please check it out and any feedback is greatly apprecited

Dust In the wind
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Different picking pattern, but still sounds cool. The vocals once again sound really good, youve become a really consistantly good singer, good stuff, and good song, probably kansas' only good song haha jp, but good nonetheless. It woulda been cool if u did maybe a chorused vocal section, cause u do those pretty well, but its was still pretty damn good.

If you get a chance check out my beatles cover of let it be, the vox arent dont yet, but im running low on time and its for a ug cover contest.

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Not too shabby my friend. I quite enjoyed it!
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actually YOU SUCK

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Not your best vocal performance, still liked it just heard you do better. I liked the alternate picking. Good Job!
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Okay ill crit it for real! I liked the intro, your voice doesnt sound as amazing as it usually is for some reason,but overall a nice take on a classic. one thing i've noticed about all your covers though, is that you dont change all that much in them. This would be cool to hear if it were your full band and I look forward to a better take.

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Good song choice. I had to sing this for Speech class last year.

It sounds pretty good. You're singing is pretty good. Don't hold some of those notes so long. I liked it though, good job.
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