Ok so I backtracked the drums, bass and the acoustic was on it which pissed me off cuz Id rather have played that. I played the electric and the lead as well as vocals ..crit for crit
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i liked the verses! i dunno about the chorus.. sounds good overal thoo man! i like it!
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I don't like the filter you used for the voice, it was a good attempt but didn't fit the feel of the song IMO. I listened past it and the voice was pretty damn good, and solid playing as well and I think the electric works better than an acoustic would for this song
write as i listen:

Intro guitars were pretty good, the electrics tone could have been a bit fuller though
Vocals have a wierd reverb on it, isnt really needed as your voice suits the song
the "skin and Bone" part seemed to stress your voice a bit, you shouldnt do that it sounds crummy, and will do long term amge to you.
Wierd bit of feedback methinks.
Would of been nice to hear a bit more of the acoustic and a little less of the electric.

Overall though, could have been a hell of a lot worse. Pretty good attempt though. Give yourself a pat on the back
i liked it very similar too the real thing and coldplay are a nice band maybe one or two chords in the chorus that are a bit off dunnno
I liked it a lot, intro was very good on acoustic, a lot of people get the chords wrong, but yours sounded right. The electric guitar was good but the tone needs beefing up a little. Your vocals were pretty good and suited the song and style. Generally it was very good, you kept a good rythym throughout with the acoustic and it all sounded very nice. Good job! I'd give it a 9/10!