yeah, im looking for some good songs besides trivium to play, either in CGCFAD or just droping the E string to D...yea..i would apretiatiate some help, sorry if im in the wrong thread too, because this does say "riff" on it.
Billy talent. Lots of people have heard it, and they think it's really good. It's pretty easy too. Try Deadbolt by Thrice (drop D#). It's played at about 135 bmp in sixteenth notes, and it sounds cool, no matter how fast you play it.
why not get some leads down if you want to show off? Secondly, and if you wanna play some cool riffs, learn how to play something many people will know and like such as thrash era metallica. "the thing that should not be" has awesome clean and heavy riffs and you can play it in drop d down half a step or the whole guitar down 1 and 1/2 steps.
lamb of gods got a lot of cool stuff like that. try 11th hour, a devil in gods country, ashes of the wake (instrumental), hourglass and redneck.