Well here's my latest attempt at a new song and it has become VERY Hendrix-ey. I've included the guitar and bass here, and it's only just getting started. I'd like to know your opinions on it, because I'm quite proud of it. Thanks in advance.
Hendrix Style.zip
sounds good

can u play it for real?
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I wish I could play that all for real. There are bits and pieces I can do, but it's harder on an acoustic guitar (in my opinion). I can play all of the bass for it however. I'm hoping to work up to being able to play that though.
That's pretty good, though gets a bit boring, and sounds a bit all over the place. Beats the hell out of my Powertabs though. 8/10
i like it. it does seem a little random and slightly repetitive though. the bassline fits the guitar well and completments it as well. personally, i think it should definately be longer and maybe slow down at some point (aka add in a bridge to give the listener's ears a break) because it's a little too much too fast for the average person.

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That was sweet man, yea, i can't play it through either But hey, it was awsome. Just a few wrong notes here and there that i noticed, and, in measure 3 and all measures that play that the triplit eigth notes just sound like your slowing the song down, i would make it 16th note triplits where you can do w/e you want there, i did a hammer and pull off thing with what you already were using for those and it sounded better. So just listen to the song for those few wrong notes and fix em and its pure sweetness.