Hey all. I recently caught the customising bug, and would really like to build a guitar of my own. I am probably going to ask a bunch of questions that you are tired of answering and that are probably answered elsewhere, but it's a little overwhelming for me. I cry your pardon. Anyway...

After contemplating every guitar design known to man, i stumbled across a guitar that i'd like to base mine around.


I dig it. I had planned (bringing literally minutes of knowledge to the table, here) on building it (the body at least) out of mahogany with a trans red (or blue. or green. or purple. dunno.) finish to it. I was thinking of putting active H/S/H EMG's on a 5-way switch. Probably stopbar, not a trem fan.

Now the questions:
Where do I get wood?
Hardware? (Bridge, stopbar, etc.)
Make my own neck or buy one?
Bolt on, set, or thru?
How does one go about finishing one of these properly?
How on God's creation are these wired (I have little-to-no experience w/electronics. I can replace a light switch, but nothing advanced.)?

Any other advice is awesome.

I can help with wiring and there are a ton of people on here that seem to be skilled in woodwork.

If you want two humbuckers (The ones one the guitar you mentioned are active. You'd be putting out over 200$ in pickups alone. I dont suggest it. I've never used them nor do I know anyone who does. Some people swear by them.)

With two PASSIVE humbuckers you have a few options(all would have a 3 way toggle):

a master volume and a master tone

a volume for each pickup and a master tone

a volume and tone for each pickup

You could add coil splitting and killswitches and stuff if you want...

Or, you could just have a bridge pickup

the you could have

Just a volume

a volume and tone

volume and tone on one push pull pot

some kind of coil splitting

any of these combinations with a killswitch.
Im kind of okay with spending a guitar's worth in pickups. I'll obviously fiddle with some before actually buying, but I was thinking a 81/SA/60 combination. If I don't like em, I'll put something else in there instead. I don't mind spending a bunch, because I can invest in it over time.