Hey guys, it's week two since i've joined the forums. Loving it here by the way. The crits have given us all encouragement. I've decided to post our 2 songs a week on a Monday so you can expect them about this time each monday, that is, of course, if we have some to post. lol. Got a great response from the first 2 so it'll be interesting to see if you like the rest of our stuff.

This one's called Opener and is one of my favourites. It started out as our opening song of the set. It was initially how we introduced the band one at a time. The singer/guitarist would start the intro by himself, the drummer would come in after 2 bars (there's still a noticible change after 2 bars. The bassist would come in at the first chorus (change in progression) and i'd come in at the second verse where it starts to pick up a bit. LoL, was good, I could rock in with a bit of energy! :-P

It's since progressed from that to what it is now...I think for the better The vocals could be a bit louder *like most of our stuff*. Also, the second verse where it rocks up a bit didn't come out as, punchy, as we wanted, specially the big first note.

Anyways, let me know what you think

Opener - http://trandanticband.dmusic.com
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Hmm, really liking this. Love the arpeggio rhythm guitar. Great vocals, really energetic when the distorted guitar comes in. The vocals do sound a little overprocessed... and the vocal style sounds a bit 'punkier' than the instrumental opening suggested the song might be. The instrumental gap after that chorus sounds like it's missing something... though it does build up to the final chorus nicely.

Lyrics sound interesting, do you have them up somewhere? Hard to hear some of them. Nice and ambiguous... I'm guessing a relationship, or drugs :p They do work well though.

Production/quality is excellent, too... sounds really professional.
Originally posted by Shadow Self
Yikes. That's like playing an elephant.
Try to eliminate the string noise, vocals fit this pretty well, nothing else faulty that i can find, thanks for citting mine
Great intro. Pretty cool to hear all the layers of sounds come together. I feel bad not really critting anything but I can't really find anything i don't like. Keep up the good work.
Very nice intro. It's also well recorded and mixed. The vox are pretty good, talented singer. I like the way it all comes together at the beginning. My only critizicism is that it's a little long and the end seemed a bit abrupt. Other than that, very well done.

Thanks for the crit!
what is the music theory and what does it teach you, like scales, solos, and to build speed???

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Hey thanks for the crit.. here goes yours
Loving the intro.. it all falls together nicely.. although the first guitar was a little over panned to the left in my opinion.. still sounds nice.. Vox sound great with this song.. although they arent real clear.. cant make some of them out.. but most of it is understandable.. the section around 3:15 if thats a lead guitar solo bring it out a little more.. Liked the ending.. overall very nice/ professional sounding recording.. liked it
Wow man I really dig all of your stuff. Really hits my type/genre of music liking. It sounds great... the singing could be a little less stressed, and the songs are recorded a little low volume. But that's my only complaint. Love the sound... care to crit? Private message me or something. www.myspace.com/therainandsnow
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Critting as i lsiten to opener:
The start has a nice then goes into a little link riff, sounds ok, but not great. The vocals are impressive. The little strummed bit is a good breakdown. The second littl lead part sounds really good, beetter than the first, theres a bit more happening. The heavier bit doesn't sound bad either. The vocals have still reamined perfect throughout. The riff ends before it becomes boring, which was a good move. It doesn't seem to really have any real faults. i was impressed. good music.