Welll, I've finished a couple of songs after taking a little hiatus on recording anything at all.

The first that I did was a Vreid cover of Helvete, done in Audacity with guitars, bass, drum programming, and vocals at the end. I am satisfied with everything on it, I don't speak Norwegian, but I was going off of what I had heard and my knowledge and pronunciation of modern Icelandic and Old Norse. The vocals really _do_ sound constipated in the original recording and I think I did a good job at immitating them, so I don't expect any complaints there.

Second is the Bethelehm cover of Tagebuch einer Totgeburt. I did an entire cover of this, but was only satisfied vocal-wise (It's an almost entirely vocal driven song) with the ending, so I cut the beginning off. I recorded in Cool Edit this time, after finding out about all the neat little reverb options in it, which are pretty evident in the recording. Rainer Landfermann is, in my opinion, one of the greatest and most theatrical vocalists to ever grace Black Metal, so I had a very hard time pulling that off. I'm satisfied with the guitars in this though, it sounds so depressive and isolated; it reminds me of church bells. Oh, also, I don't speak German either.

Anyways, I'm looking for constructive criticism mostly on the instrumentation - you can criticise the vocals if you're familiar with the style. I just don't want to start an argument here, I know how some of these threads degenerate and digress into silly arguments over nothing.


..had it in the wrong forum the first time, alright.
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Wow, Both are awesome. What Drums programming are you using doesn't sound like guitar pro. The guitars are very nicely done, hard to find any faults. And a nice tone for black metal to boot. Your Timing is dead on as far as I can tell. Whats your recording rig? have a look at my dethklok cover maybe? http://decadation.dmusic.com/
I was using a program called drumsite, I think it's got the best sound as far as drum programs go (And I've got plenty of VST sets for Cubase, so it's not like I am biased towards the only program I've ever tried!) The problem is that..it's not free. It lets you lay out the drums, but it doesn't let you save! I get by it by setting my recording program to pick up all of the sound that passes through my sound card, and just hit that play button on drumsite.

Recording rig is..
Shure SM57 Microphone into my soundcard, recording through Audacity in one recording, and Cool Edit in the other.
Equipment and stuffs that I used were a Gibson Faded V w/ BareKnuckle Warthog pickups in the bridge and neck, through an ENGL Screamer 50 Watt amp, and a Schecter Stiletto Elite 5 string bass through my soundcard.

Thanks for the crit and the compliments, I tried hard to make them as flawless as I could, but I was a little bit off time on that vreid cover when the first palm muting part came up.

Your dethklok cover- Sounds very nice. It's worth asking what your recording rig is too! I thought the tone was very nicely emulated. The playing was very good, only crit I really have to say about it is that the end was a bit sloppy. I blame that on the production though, it is hard to make things like that sound excellent unless the mastering is ace. But, like I said, I thought the playing was great!
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