Steamed milk
A lovely chat
A lullaby of grace
Enough to save me
From myself
But not to help me sleep.

Insomnia (it keeps me awake)
Insomnia (it keeps me asleep)
Insomnia (I'm never awake)
Insomnia (I'm dying to sleep)

So sing your sweet, sweet song... (to me)
Sing me softly to sleep
Angelic melody through a heavenly voice
Allowing me to dream

Insomnia (fading away)
Insomnia (my cure has been found)
Insomnia (don't leave me)
Insomnia (you've helped me find my wings)
"If faith is the answer we've already reached it
and if spirits a sign, then it's only a matter of time"
Wow... A very deep set of lyrics you've written there. I liked it a lot. The first verse, I have to say, was my favorite. Awesome job!