hey guys, making trip to shop next week and have three amp's mainly i want to try. I was just wondering if you guys/girls could give me some basic settings for classic to hard rock that you use, for the following amps.

marshall dsl50
fender hot rod delux

I just thought if I could get some basic settings to dial in for these amps it might save me a bit of time trying to find the sounds myself.
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I don't think that's going to help him much.

Just start off with the EQ controls at 5, and adjust them from there. Just listen and see which one will sound the best when tweaked.

Good choice on amps, it's going to be hard to choose with those.
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alot of makers willl also have sample settings in the back of their manuals. Check thru their online pdf manuals, and write down a couple settings you want to try if they have them. Then tweak your sound from there.
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Thanks guy's. I just didn't want to spend all day finding the tones and waist valuable sampling time. Yeah took me a while to narrow myself down to these 3 and even then im not sure if I should be trying others.