Just a frusturation taking out type of deal.
Not sure if I wanna keep it or not.
Are you too busy for me?
You've got so much more to do.
Now I clearly see.
How you do follow through.
Ill go home and think it over.
While you dont give a thought.
I know its past october.
And this lesson ive been taught.
Is killin me.
Your the only one.
I'd trust anyway
Its still not through and done.
And Ill forgive it anyday.
Ill go home and think things over.
While it doesnt cross your mind.
Its long passed october.
And these days I find.
Killin me.
Ill forgive you all the time.
Ill forever call you mine.
For you I'd break the rhyme.
But with you everything is fine.
Just think this over.
While I dont think at all
Its longer then we thought.
All you seem to find
Is killing me.
Meant to reflect the thoughts going through my mind after a fight with my girlfriend, the initial frusturation, then forgiveness.
Sappy, And angry at the same time.
Critique away.
The music and singing is semi nirvana style, think about a girl.
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I really liked that. All the lines were nicely put together, and they fit perfectly. Your ideas were clear, and to the point. I also like the way you've presented it. Very neat with the little lines between the stanzas. Keep it up!