I was messin around on my guitar lookin around in here, turned the guitar's volume knob all the way down to type somethin, and right now I am somehow listening to some radio station (I think 97.9 FM) through my old guitar amp...

Crazy? I think so.

You might ask why I am using my OLD guitar amp...
Well, in other news, my idiot friend got a pickup mic, clipped it on my trumpet (yeah, I play trumpet too), and noticing that the jack was the same as for a guitar cable, decided that if you can plug a guitar into it, you must be able to plug a trumpet in too. Blew a tube. What an asshole. Just had to replace one not 3 weeks ago too....
make ur mate pay for it
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Groll you're a bloody genius

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dude, my friend's does that only at volume >4
i should record it
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good, however give yourself a pat on the back for starting a thread that contains a picture of Optimus Prime!

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This thread sucks and is now about slot cars.