Whats the difference between these? I'm looking for a pedal that will give me the sound of 2 guitars harmonizing with one another. Such as the intro to Blackened by Metallica or March Of The Mutes by Unearth. So far i've been looking at the Boss Super Shifter, the digitech Whammy and the Roland Sound Blender. The Roland seems to have a lot of versatility to it for the price compaed to the others. Will it do what I want it to? Is there something better?

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I have a PS-5 myself but that Roland Sound Blender seems awesome and very versatile for even less money than a PS-5 or Whammy... Is there a chance you could try one out? Because the only commentary I can make is that I prefer the PS-5 above the whammy and that both pedals feature harmonizing, pitch shifting, detune, and the PS-5 supports flutter and delay's as well.
Boss did do a harmonist pedal called the HR-2. you can set the key and stuff with it. they're discontinued but you can pick them up on eBay cheap enough. might work out better if you just need to harmonize and have no need for divebomb effects etc.
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Does anyone have experiance with the Roland Sound Blender? Just from looking at the picture there it seems more versatile. Plus it also has those 3 other effects, not exactly sure what they do though.

Edit: My bad, didn't realize it was a computer program, I need a pedal.
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