Ok, bare with me for a second on this song, I wrote it about 5 minutes ago.

notes: sung by two vocalists
vocalist one (normal text): mid-range - low voice
vocalist two ( inside { } ): higher-strained voice (thing Taking Back Sunday)
intro: E A E A
verse: E A E A x 2
chorus: C# B A E C# B A B
bridge: E/A C#/B A A

feed back I'm looking for:

This song is incomplete ( I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting it =\ sorry moderator if I am.)

I'm looking to see what you vision for this song, I don't really know where it's going right now, but I like how it's done.

These Demons Don't Comprehend

It's been so long since I've seen your smile
It's been even longer since I've seen your face
Why did I run from you I don't know I
Didn't want you to find out
{That these deamons in my head they don't comprehend, these equations and sentences that have been prepared
For this journey that I must now venture alone, they don't want to help why can't they just goOOoo}

(go leads into .... )
Oh this pills not working anymore
And this pain's just bringing me down
{God, these pills don't work
I dont even think they worked to begin with but I can't be sure }
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