1st verse:

I look into your eyey's and see that you've been crying,
But you don't have to hide it you can stop pretending,

And you don't have to lie no you don't have to say a word,
Besides I've heard your lies so many times before,

Pre chorus:

And Ive asked myself a thousand times why we do this to oursleves,

And you've answered a thousand more because you know better than anyone else,


Just how it feels when the pieces don't fit,
When one more day just doesn't seem worth it,

And all this pain unhappiness it seems so endless,
When one more breath just doesn't seem worth it,

2nd Verse:

Now I'm screaming inside but you can't hear me,
I'm crying inside and now the tears are bleeding,

And the rope is tight around my throat I don't know what to do,
And the blood is poring from my wrist and it's all for you,

Repeat pre chorus and chorus,


When the peices don't fit it was all for you it was all for you
when one more day just isn't worht it it was all for you it was all for you

Repeat chorus and end
To be honest, I thought this was really cliche. Not all of it, but stuff like screaming and crying inside, the part about bleeding wrists, stuff like that. Most of this has been used by enough people already. A few lines were cool. I liked the one about "one more breathe just doesnt seem worth it", for example, but there's so much here that wont really add to the song. Sorry if I was overly harsh. I hope this at least helps you to improve on your work.