Ok heres my situation. I am currently using:

Epiphone Black Beauty
Crybaby Wah
Mega T60R Amp

I play many styles, but mainly Classic rock and a bit of metal here and there, so stuff like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Darkness, Dragonforce, Metallica etc.

So im looking to buy a new amp.

At first I was looking at a Peavey Classic 30 Head with the 212 cab that matches it. That was back when all I played was classic rock. Now I have expanded a bit musically, and I was wondering what sort of amp you guys recommend.

I only want to buy a valve amp BTW.

Thanks guys.
Say your price limit and what you're going to be using the amp for too. Gigging (if so venue size), practice etc
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Squier 10w amp
OK Im looking around the $1500 - $2000 AUD mark, which is probably around
$1300 - $1500 USD.

Im going to use the amp mainly for practice, but I will most likely be doing soem gigs with it in the near future.
Get the classic 50 if you want, but i prefer the 30 coz when ya crank it, you get a really nice broken up sound. Any gig which requires you to use 30 watts or more will mic the amp up anyway. So 30 watts is heaps
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Future gear:
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Laney GH50L: all valve head with matching quad is $1995AUD. Best classic rock amp out, extremely versitile, great cleans at low gain great shred tone (at high gain) (for the dragonforce!!)...
Get a marshall MG lol

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You say you're looking for an amp to practice and gig with but are you looking for a combo or a stack? For classic rock Marshalls IMO cannot be beaten. For easy transportation you could use a 2 x 12 or go the full way with a 4x12 which is what I use with an AVT50H which is a basic head from Marshall, soon gettin a JCM900 100 watt Hi-gain. You should be able to pick it up for less than your maximum spends. I wouldn't suggest the MG series. The AVT series s pretty awesome. The best thing is to go down to your local guitar store and just try some out and see what you think.
unfortunately, the Peavey stuff will probably be way overpriced there unless you are getting it used, so there are probably better options. No offense to carrotjames, but I've owned the AVT, and I hated the thing. I guess it was ok for classic rock type tones, but the flabby lowend was useless for metal IMO. For the money, it's WAY overpriced if you buy it new. I would look at all tube Marshalls like the DSL, ENGL amps, or the Laney amps. They seem to be a much better value for your money over there.
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Lol i totally agree that for metal the AVT series is slightly tame. DSL's are pretty awesome i must agree though
yeah, I hate baggin on other people's amps, because I've heard good players get surprisingly good sounds out of even the crappiest amps, or what are considered to be crap. I've just owned that particular amp, and I play a lot of metal, so it left me with a real bitter taste. I actually sold it dirt cheap to a friend who plays blues and classic rock, and he loves the thing, lol. I guess to each their own.
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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