Hi, I've now had my Squier Standard P-Bass for 10 months now, I really love it so I really don't want to make a move for another bass guitar for a while. I plan to replace parts such as the P pickups to the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder (and also possibly the Jazz pickup) and replace the bridge with a BADASS II bridge.

However I have a few questions, what is a good time to replace parts and would you really recommend replacing parts. I am 16, saving up slowly, getting a new 12 " Amp in 4 weeks (for Home Practice). We don't really play at gigs. And if we do, our school provides us with awesome GK head/cabs ^^

Thanks In Advance.
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12" amp? dontcha tink dats 2 small for a bass?

@ topic

I've had my bass for 13 months..
ihavent really thought of upgrading any parts..
well then maybe i should..hmmm

good luck with urs though ^_^
if your happy with it (sound and feel) why bother spending money on something thats gonna change it?
if anything buy a different bass i.e. active/passive 4, 5 & 6 stringed ones?

and to 'dariusfinch', he said it'll just be for practice in home. not anything big. so a 12" combo would be fine.
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emmm.. I'd save up for a better bass before I'd upgrade my Squire. In fact, that's what I've done.

I now own a few basses, and I've just bought a Seymour Duncan hot SPB-2 pup for my Squire, and already put a Badass II on it.

My advice is to save up for a better bass. It will be much more cost effective.
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if your happy with it (sound and feel) why bother spending and to 'dariusfinch', he said it'll just be for practice in home. not anything big. so a 12" combo would be fine.

im sorry..
i mustv missed the amp being a practice amp..
I would upgrade to a new bass if I were you. But if you'd rather upgrade you current one with new parts, I'd suggest first finding out what type of wood the body of your bass is made out of. If it's agathis, I recommend not upgrading, and instead getting a new bass. (Agathis wood is a relatively cheap wood with generally bland/lifeless tone)
i didnt know that wood had any effect on tone..
Thanks Tim-kun!!
preety sig BTW ^_^
Honestly, I don't know what wood it is, and it is a Squier California Series P-Bass Special... it's not on the site, i bought it in china. Is there some way you can tell what the wood is?

It'll be a while till I replace my current bass. I also like it heaps so I'm doing the best to make the most out of it
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Before upgrading any part of your bass, ask yourself a) what am i trying to achieve, b) what will this upgrade do for me and c) is it worth it?

One should never upgrade just for the sake of it because of gear lust, or because one thinks it might make ones bass cooler. Upgrades like pups or bridges serve a purpose. If you've only been playing ten months, i would forget about upgrades and carry on working your chops. When you are trying to achieve something and you cannot, then look to upgrade. But i must agree, i wouldnt upgrade a Squier. You can't polish a turd bro.