Hi guy's,
Soon i'll be buying a LTD MH-400NT , and i'm searching for a good amp with a good distortion and a nice clean channel. At the moment i'm using a Line6 Spider II 212 (150W) but i'm not so happy about it's sound.
I play all sorts of metal (mostly metalcore and melodic deathmetal) and I really like the sounds of As I Lay Dying, Unearth, Heaven Shall Burn, Black Dahlia Murder, Neaera,... My tuning is Dropped C
Can you guy's help me find a decent amp? I was thinking about a Hughes & Kettner because I saw a local band play with one, and it was a great show.
What's your opinion? What should I buy?
price: ?0 - ?1200 ($0 - $1500)
Marshall DSL, should be enough gain on it already. Or get an Engl thunder or screamer.
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Peavey 6505 or Engl Screamer should do you nicely.
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ENGL Fireball or Peavey 6505. The ENGL is very brutal and raw sounding, but isn't as dark sounding. The Peavey is a very dark sounding metalcore amp. You'd be very happy with either one.
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