hi there guys,

i am planning on making myself a little home recrding studio to lay down some ideas, i was thinking about using cubase and then adding drum loops to my guitar, but the big question is how should i record my guitar!!! should i run it through a line 6 pod or mic up my ashdwon fallen angel and 4X12 cab, if i miced up my amp would i need to buy a mixer as well, wot are my option, i dont want to spend huge amounts, i already have cubase installed on my Pc, i am looking to spend around 150 pounds ($280) max. cheers for your help in advance.

ESP LTD Viper 400 with EMG 81s
Jackson Dinky DXMG with EMG 81/85
Ashdown Fallen Angel 60 DSP
Ashdown Fallen Angel Cab 120W 4X12
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Noise gate (cheap)
EQ (cheap)
How you record your guitar is up to you in terms of what u think sounds the best. If you want to mic your guitar amp then you need a mic, some sort of interface/soundcard that lets you put it all on ur computer, and depending if that interface has one or not u might need a mic preamp. It might be more expensive then just the line 6 pod