Ok, so i have been looking to buy a new guitar, and want something that will last me forever and play like a dream. For those of you who live in Australia and maybe even overseas, there is this brand of guitar who make great quality acoustics. They also make electrics, but im not too sure about them. THey look alright. But anyways, i was tossing up between the guitar below, a gibson Sg special, or even a fender strat or maybe ibanez guitar :S. Which one out of all of these would be the best for my money. Im willingy to spend about 2200 - 2500 bucks max on these btw. I play a lot of classic rock and just rock n roll. Not so much metal but yeah. ACDC - Iron Maiden and silverchiar. So yeah, maton? gibson sg special, fender strat or ibanez?

yeah well, the ms2000 is like, 1999 i think i can get it for, and it looks alright, just not sure about the woods :S cause ive never heard of em. The pickups dont look too crash hot, but with the extra money i got left over maybe some seymour duncans are due. Will it be a good solo guitar too?
if uve got the cash the sg supreme is the shiznit, havent had much experience with ibanez and all fender strats are bloody fantastic but from your style of music i would definitely recomend sg supreme or other sg
Personally i think Gibsons are over priced, but they do look lovely :P
Have you got anyway of playing them before you make a decision? On paper i'd go for an Ibanez, perhaps with a H/S/H configuration so i could get versatility with my sound. I personally have an Ibanez AR300 (les paul double cut..but better and cheaper :P ) and it plays better than any gibbo or fender i've tried.
ESP Eclipse 2!! fits your price range and its an extremely versitile and great guitar... Better then any Gibson in my opinion....
i always though esp's were like, heaps metal guitars, only cause of the pickups in them. And i live in like, a relatively small coastal town, 2 music stores, and they both really only sell squires and epi's, they're not all guitar related. Does the maton look any good?
nah mate, mines got Seymore Duncans in it with coil tap, its great, its a common misconception people have abvout ESP's. go to www.venuemusic.com.au.... they delivery rates are usally free or preety cheap when the orders over $500. Call them to get the best deals
do you have the ms2000 standard? deluxe or deluxe sd :P theres a big differnece i think. And its like awesome? decent guitar? good sounds? plays alright? How is it for solo's?
ahh it doesnt work for some reason :S the link that is. Can u explain whats in it? or re-write it something