Hey guys, not sure if it should be posted here, here goes.

I only have a small 10 watt Casino amp which is meant for a bass guitar. I'm using my Electric Gibson SG guitar in the amp with a Boss GE-7, Boss DS-2, Boss BF-3, Behringer V Tone Guitar GDI21 and an Ashton Wah pedal. Now I'm not exactly sure what settings to put the pedals on but I constantly get hum and buzzing and feedback. I was told with my Equalizer I would get rid of it. Does someone know what settings I should have the pedals on or what is causing the hum and feedback or what?

The second problem is with the Behringer V Tone Guitar GDI21 effects/di box I was told that I could hook my guitar into it then to my computer to record. I think I tried every single thing to try to hook my guitar up to the di box to my computer and can't figure it out. Also yes I have 1 / 4 inch to 1/ 8 inch jack I just need to know how to connect it properly and what settings I should have on my computer.

Sorry bout this, I know I'm an idiot and I should know but I've just tried so hard and can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.
Maybe coz its a bass amp..............................................like maybe thats why.
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Hum and buzz can also be caused if the signal is too close to the power source...

I remember my gear was in the switch board as my fan. Whenever i swtched the fan on I got a slight hum from the amp.

Try moving the ac adapters away from the guitar wires and then try...
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Well I moved my equiptment away from each other and it still happened. If it is cause of a tiny 10 watt amp, recommed me something that I can use that will be good quality and enough watts to hear over a drumset. Also no one still figure out how to use the DI box?
It's cuz you've got a crappy amp. Look into anything around 50+ watts solid state or 30 watts tube. Tube amps will give you your best tone. Also, with the amount of pedals you have it may be a good idea to make sure you look into amps that have an effects loops.

Suggestions (all combos): Solid State: Vox Valvetronix, Roland (if you play metal).
Tube: Marshall JCM 800, Fender Deluxe, Vox AC, Mesa
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another thing to check, sometimes certain pedals can be very noisey if they aren't shielded properly. Have you tried using no fx, then one at a time to see if you can narrow it down?

as for using your line in jack, go to your volume control in windows, options->properties. Switch it to recording, and make sure the line in is selected with the little check mark.
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