ive found this marshall G15R amp but rthe guy says it's a 15 watt amp but with a 45wat input...anyone knows what this means???
the g15 series is the old school MG series.

the tone isnt too great.

anyway with that said, im pretty sure its a 15 watt with a max output rating of 45w.
they all have a max rating on the back. (im guessing because i think this is what ur talking about) its protection for surges. but its still a 15W amp.

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I've never seen any amp rated with input power, so I'm going to assume that's the power consumptoin. You'll often notice this on the spec sticker on the back of an amp, claiming liek 300W or something when an amp is only supposed to put out like 100W. Often, pawn shops / second hand stores will advertise this as the power rating for the amp, even though it's multiple times what the amp should be.

In your case, it just means that when plugged into the AC outlet, it will be a 45W load on your electrical system. It means nothing in terms of sound, etc.
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