once again ive picked up my guitar, and have decided to give it another shot.

can anyone help me on the best way to learn chords? and chord construction?, hell even the best way to obtain a fast knowlegde of where all the notes are.

would love it if this was done via simple songs, as whenever i learn an instrument i love to apply it straight away.

best way to learn... practice
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Use your dots or position marks on the fret board to locate notes on 6th & 5th string. The 6th string 3rd fret is G when you go down to the 4th string and move up to the 5th fret it is and octave of G. The 6th string can be a reference point to find notes on 4th string or 1st string which is E this sting is two octave up from the 6th string or bottom E. The 5 string can be a reference for the 3rd or 2nd string. If you play the 3rd fret on 5th string it is a C, if you play the 5th fret on the 3rd string it is a C one octave higher. If you play the 5th fret on the 5 string it is a D, The same note an octave higher can be play on the 2nd string on the 3rd fret. If you locate all your notes on the 6th & 5th string you will always be able find a note quickly any where on the fret board. Octave relationship is very quick and efficient.
thanks cybervision, i mite have to read that a few times, lots of compressed text there but thanx.

ohh and stevi B hahah, the fact that i was asking for a good method to practice didnt come into your thought process did it
I would honestly suggest taking lessons, if you aren't already, or getting a theory book. all the basic things aren't easy to learn, but once you get them you can start putting the pieces together and learning as you go.
All the best.
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Buy Earnie Ball Phase 1, teaches you about open chords and notes for under 10 bucks, best book out there in my opinion. For chords it has diagrams and tells you what fingers to keep planted when changing chords and everything, good buy.
mmm so now i gotta go find a bookstore hey? dun have my own credit card so cant get it off the net.

mmm any1 in Aus (perth) kno a store that would sell this book? id hope it would b easy to find

ps. any other good technique building and theory building books would be good. tabs are good for fun, but they arent good for practice and improving my playing as a whole.
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Welcome (back) to the world of guitar, bojo2.

There are a few songs I'd recommend for learning, but probably the biggest is "Aeroplane Over the Sea." It will help you get strumming, rythym, and chord changes down quickly. Not to mention the chords it uses are used in almost every chord-based song, ever.

Just try to learn all the basic chords for the open position. I'd recommend learning the major chords (like, A, G, C, etc.), the minor chords (Am, Em, Bm, etc.), and the 7th chords (G7, E7, C7, etc.).

Just force yourself to learn them. Here are a few chord progressions for you to practice (these are also known as the chord scales):

Key of C: C Dm Em F G Am Bdim C
Key of G: G Am Bm C D Em Gbdim G
Key of A: A Bm Dbm D E Gbm Abdim A
Key of E: E Gbm Abm A B Dbm Ebdim E
Key of D: D Em Gbm G A Bm Dbdim D

Learn those scale keys and the chords from those scale keys and play them all through until your chord changes and strumming hand get really smooth. Then, I guarantee you can play many acoustic songs from there.

Other good songs for beginners to learn:

"Doesn't Remind Me" -- Audioslave
"About a Girl" -- Nirvana
"More Than a Feeling" -- Boston

Good luck, and if you think you need any help, PM me. I'll be happy to help you out.