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To Pen The Name

Lend your mind a fortnight?s time
To the passage of a dream;
A steady flow of consciousness
That?s rarely what it seems.
Hear what you may;
Hear what I say
And take note of what you like.
Defend the mean,
Commend the end
Or denigrate the Reich.

And listen as the reaper, Time,
Pays homage to the dead
Through cryptic melodies in rhyme
And allegories in red.
From forkèd tongue
To iron lung
Heed to his visionary breath.
The mountaintops,
And pleasure domes
Transcend beyond your death;

Emerge untouched,
You recollect;
The past and future merge.
Sway left and right,
Embrace the night;
Fall victim to the dirge.

Inside A Carnival

the snow covered the streets like pavement on the canopies. or maybe it was the other way around. a bird perched on a telephone wire struck up a conversation with a man without a mouth. so they shared a beak, and I heard the man speak. he said 'no i dont know anymore, if i could talk id listen if i could listen id talk. just not the other way around.' and the birds wings stretched out, like a picture on a wall, and he blocked the sun from the sky. and the light disolved into carpets and rugs, and with every step we took our feet lit up. oh magical soil, would you make my flowers grow? cause the weather is freezing and when i speak i see my words spelt out in front of me. and the blind man places his fingers upon them, with bumps for braille, he just repeats everything I say. after years of trying to get him to talk, well now he won't stop.
isn't it just funny how some things go? as the bombs begin to settle and the dust rises up through the floor. we all say aloud.
'id like to live alone. did you hear me? i said id like to live alone.'

sorry it took me so long to put em up guys ive been going to school until 3 and then working 5- 11 everyday, and i really havent had any time.
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Quote by Kensai
Maybe you've heard what the ladies say: "Once you go 77mm you don't go back"
I gotta talk to ya sometime Mike, It seems like we havent spoken 4-eva or sumthin... anyway, yay Pooch!

though both of you guys deserved it

hey, since Pooch won and he gets his own thread, can we put my profile of him that I wrote for the S&L Profiles that tanked?
Quote by #1 synth
I gotta talk to ya sometime Mike, It seems like we havent spoken 4-eva or sumthin... anyway, yay Pooch!

though both of you guys deserved it

hey, since Pooch won and he gets his own thread, can we put my profile of him that I wrote for the S&L Profiles that tanked?

Yes we do dylan, yes we do...

on another note

I have a feeling the whole "get your own thread" thing is going to be shut down too due to elitism
bah, I'm going to post it anyway... right here!

Though only posting his works quite sparsely in S&L, Pooch0027 has slowly but surely garnered the respect and admiration of a majority of the S&L community. He has, in fact, become the newest mod of S&L, modded in early July 2006, replacing Kunvulshuns (Troy) following his relinquishing of power due to personal conflicts. In short, Pooch has worked his way into all of our hearts, like a little parasitical ringworm.

Pooch?s real name is Antoine Pouliot and he hails from Quebec City, Canada. He is currently 18 and he claims to have been writing since he was 14. As of now he is studying in science, entering university in 2006 and that he is perfectly fluent in French as well as English.

As mentioned before he has only posted 8 pieces in S&L, ever, however each one contains near perfect diction, meaning and word choice, hell, they?re mostly just plain perfect. His style is speckled with variation as well, with pieces similar enough to tell he has found his writing niche but original enough for it to not get boring in the least. The content that he chooses to write on is also always very well thought out, almost eerily connected between his lines. The multiple meanings and double-edged symbols/metaphors he uses get ingrained on your brain, irking you until you have to either decipher the meaning yourself or plead him to do it for you (preferably via PM so as to not ruin the fun for everyone else).

In addition to his excellent writing, Pooch is also one of the most, if not the most well-read of all of S&L, pulling out relations and similarities of one member?s writing to that of a late great poet. I believe this also composes his great style, and to a larger extent how he views life, and if you ask him how to get better at writing, he?ll tell you (like many great writers) to read. And possibly, if you ask nice enough, he?ll even give you a recommendation or three.

I believe that is enough pure blind praise for you doubtful members browsing S&L hoping to see why I speak so highly of him, am I just kissing his ass because he?s a mod? (?yes) of course not, why would I do a silly thing like that! In fact, I can just see you screaming at your screen asking ?Why Dylan? Why do you preach his greatness but have no concrete evidence and/or links to back it up?? O contraire monorail, I came prepared! In fact I will give you 3 pieces that I feel are his best, and trust me when I say it?s hard to choose, as all of his are so quality. With these three pieces I will post specific quotes from people that have critiqued them and prove you nay-sayers that Ispeak the truth, Poochyboi is the man.

Pooch?s Newest ?Plastic Explosives?:

Intro from Pooch himself: Hi everyone! After a short period of writer's block, I'm back. I'd like to hear some interpetation and discussion on this one, as the images, title and characters warrant reflection.

Quote 1: ?That was... awesome. I mean, I really, really loved it. Completely
solid flow, it read like a dream and I just think it was one of the pieces
I've most enjoyed reading on here.?
-Jammydude44 (a S&L regular)

Quote 2: ?From what I've seen of you so far you seem to employ well the
multiple meanings that words may take. This piece is no exception? Anyway
this was well metered and very well rhymed. Undoubtedly a poem of more than
one facet? I did really enjoy it.?
-ScouserTommy (a S&L veteran)

Pooch?s Best I ?The Bell?:

Intro from Pooch himself: Hello again! Here is probably my most symbolically (and thematically) complex piece posted here as of yet. It is part of my continuing installment centered around the theme of rebirth. Oh, and to get you guys started, look not into the second part of the title for the meaning of the piece, it is merely suggesting a reading that strengthens my main point.

Quote 1: ??In summary, a brazenly contemporary yet ambiguous amalgamation of
various inspirations, some of which are more obvious than others.
Nevertheless, I may return, as this is quite possibly the greatest piece
you?ve ever wrote, at least to my knowledge.

If anything, it?s a class above the majority.

Easily the most positive ?critique? that I?ve wrote in an age.?
-HendrixEdge (Amazingly smart and gifted S&L regular who officially left in
early June 2006)

Quote 2: ?Excellent?
-Opera_Jade (random person, not really known at all in S&L)

My Personal Favorite/Pooch?s Best II ?To Pen the Name?:

Intro from Pooch himself: ?Little background... This piece is meant to be a pseudo-introduction to my ongoing series (who knows, might even turn into a book ) regarding rebirth. In this installment, the stage is set for my later musings on the subject. On a side note, contrary to most of what I write, this piece came to me quite rapidly in almost visionary matter (and I was like "Surely some revelation is at hand" (wink to the Yeats fans) ) Enough of my rambling, :P here 'tis.?

Quote 1: ?10/10...i'm not going to cloud this magnificant piece with my
-Chloroformkisme (a girl? like Jallas, but with less ability to ban? I <3

Quote 2: ?I love you... nothing else needs to be said, but i guess will be
said anyway . I dont think you understand how great this is and I'll try
to put it in perspective:

1. Every line hits home, for some reason its very relatable for me
2. that 'Designate the Reich' line... wow, just wow, just incomprehendible
flow and brilliance.
3. Every line has purpose, nothing extraeneous
4. I read this at least 10 times whilst I was banned, along with your
'Bells'... thatsa lot of pooch'a /awestruck Italian
5. you remind me of Poe, except probably more pretty
6. my my, is that the art of the euphony of binding perfection within the
general and specific I smell? I think it is!
7. I got the allusion! go me! excellent subtlety with that as well
8. The sing-song lulling tone resinates off of this with excellence and
makes the end line that much more powerful and brilliant
9. I love your writing
10. I love you

... I think thats about it ?
-#1 synth (the greatest thing since sliced bread. seriously. Also the most
handsome S&L regular who?s still a mild n00b)

Well, is that enough to show you non-believers that people respect Pooch and that he is bloody brilliant? Whaddya mean no? what you?re so lazy you want me to post an excerpt of his work here and decipher it for you, while also analyzing the diction and flow? Well all right, if that?s what you want?

Excerpt from ?To Pen the Name?:

Lend your mind a fortnight?s time
To the passage of a dream;
A steady flow of consciousness
That?s rarely what it seems.
Hear what you may;
Hear what I say
And take note of what you like.
Defend the mean,
Commend the end
Or denigrate the Reich.

I?d first like to say that this is possibly the greatest intro to a poem I have ever read, it achieves everything that I have done with my intro stanzas, only a thousand times better. Everything from the flow to content is brilliant, and it lulls you into the Artist?s world, into the story he is concocting, and for the writers out there, you know how hard that is to do. But Pooch pulls it off perfectly and then some. The meaning and ?double-edged metaphors? can be interpreted on so many ways and levels that no interpretation can really be ?wrong?.

Pooch once said ?Whenever I write a piece my main goal is to "layer" it so that someone who isn't necessarily into poetry can understand it to quite some extent, yet to include some more subtle garnishments that render a second, more concealed reading that a poetry buff or veteran will recognize and appreciate. I want to use my writing in a musical context that doesn't play itself too well to the eloquent musings of bards such as ourselves
(read: SLers), therefore it's the best method I have found so far to push my poetic limits while keeping with my context. ? And I believe that this pertains to all of his pieces, including this one in which he utilizes his multilayered symbols and meaning so that you can read it for something different each time.

To look into my direct interpretation of it I?ll say that I believe the narrator is, for lack of a better explanation, formless, like a sound or ?Dirge? as Pooch puts it later. Yes, that?s right, I?m using the music as the symbolic character for time, as in the ?reaper, Time? used in the line following the excerpt. The ?Reich? of which Time speaks of is himself (or the mods, whichever you want ), a rather all powerful, impregnable force outlining the life, not to mention the mental state of the reader (UGer)? that?s essentially all it says in this little stanza, if you want the rest of the interpretation, PM me, I?m running out of room?

I would recommend Pooch to: EVERYONE

Pooch is not recommended for: People with heart conditions or who are more than 4 months into their pregnancy, pregnant women piss Pooch off. In fact, he thinks that babies and women shouldn?t be allowed in Canada period.

If you like Pooch?s style you would also like:
1. #1 synth
2. WB Yeats
3. John Donne
4. Bits and Pieces of Poe?s later works
5. Paraboetheo... just because