Im a huge living colour fan, has anyone else here heard them? When i say heard them i dont mean cult of personality.

Also considering they are one of the founding bands of Nu-metal?
Well they are funk metalish, but they are a mixture of rap and metal so you could say they are.
But they were huge influences on ratm and linkin park.
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Are they nu-metal?
I've only heard Cult of Personality but that song is pretty good.


As for Nu-Metal, na I'd say they go into the Modren Rock forum.
I like Cult of Personality, but the guitar solo is so wanky lol.
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I like the one song I heard by them.

Didn't the guitarist go on to do some jazz stuff?
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I'd say they go into the Modren Rock forum.

Completely agree, funk metal in parts but in my opinion they only reach heavy rock rather than metal.

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Yesss, they're quite good, i really like their guitarist.
Vernon Reid, he's really unique.

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