im looking into a used Jcm 800 combo but it syas the volume pots need to be cleaned i was wondering how much that would cost to do and how timely would it be
you buy one of those bottles of canned AIR that spray air, and you open the pot and you just flush it out with one of those
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less than 5 minutes to do all the pots. if you have contact cleaner, spray some into the pot, then turn the pot from stop to stop a few times. or denatured alochol will do the same thing.
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yeah, it's very easy to do. Just don't go crazy with the amount you use. You don't want that stuff running all over the inside of the amp. There can be lethal voltage stored in filter caps if the amp has been played recently. After you get it, and check it out, you might want to shut if off cold, meaning without using the standby switch first. This apparantly drains a lot of the charge stored in the caps, and would make it a little safer to work on.
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