hello, i've been playing electric guitar in a band for a while now, and i'd like to try playing some acoustic parts in the middle of songs. I made a stand to hold an acoustic guitar in a position so i can easily switch between electric and acoustic. I've decided to buy a steel string but am not sure if i should buy an electric acoustic or just put a mic next to the guitar and run it through my vocalists PA. What would be the best way?

Thanx for any help
they both work, electric acoustics juts cost a little more and will be a little less conveniant, i have a bad electric acoustic and a good acoustic. Id rather mic the acoustic any day. But thats hard when its strapped to you. since you have a stand id so go micd
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Electric-acoustics you would also need to have an amp for, and you would need to turn it on and off for the small parts in-between songs.
Personally i would get a plain steel-string acoustic and just play with a mic.

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