Hi I've been playing electric guitar for about 3 or 4 months now, but the problem I have (not to do with playing) is that whenever people ask me to play something I dont have anything interesting to play. I can play whole songs, but since i dont sing or anything playing a repeated riff over and over again can get pretty boring to listen to. Does anyone know of any fairly easy rock/metal solo guitar pieces (not just a solo), or do they even exist? I'm at the kind of level where Nirvana and stuff is getting way too easy, I'm trying to learn some avenged sevenfold and machine head and stuff if that helps. Thanks
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are you asking for an easy solo, or a good song to play?
well, and easy good solo is Like A Stone-Audioslave
or learn the song Miserlou-Dick Dale
everyone gets impressed by that song
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Entire pieces eh?

It'll be hard to find any interesting but easy guitar solo pieces in rock or metal. Usually any rock solo piece has some intermediate or higher level playing in it.

You can try some easier jazzy pieces (maybe Blackbird arranged for solo guitar).
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I'd say you have two options, both are difficult.

1. Find a singer. You don't need Robert Plant, just someone who can sing decently. Play some Jimmy Buffett or well known songs like "Lean on Me" or other songs that everybody likes and make for a good group sing along. People usually want to be intertained, not impressed. (Besides, you can impress the "common ear" quite easily.) Of course, if your friends are all hardcore metal heads, this would be a very bad thing to do.

2. Do you have an acoustic guitar? Study fingerstlye guitar. You could pick up a book with some classical pieces in it if you know how to read music. If not than you could learn pieces like "Dee" by Randy Rhoads or "Broon's Bane" by Rush off of tabs for a start. Really its up to your judgement what the people your are playing for will like or not. Learning fingerstyle is the more difficult of the two options but will pay off more in the long run.
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My sugestion:
I was like you in that time, i knew the songs but i dint sing. what i did was learn easy songs like let it bet, wanderwall and time of your life. I played those on my acoustic while my friends sing it.

To impress the peaple.. Get better at fingerpicks and play stuff like dust in the wind or romance.

Thats what i do and peaple likes when i play.