So my bro's friend got a guitar a while back, but never got into it. So my brother decided he'd take it off his hands for $70 + some SDRAM for his computer. So for around $90, my bro picked up this guitar.

It's a Washburn "Lyon". It really isn't anything too special, but the neck is ungodly fast. Maple neck/fretboard, not sure on the body wood. I need to work on the electronics some, probably replace everything, as it's all very noisy. The guitar plays well.

For $70, I don't think you could go wrong.

BTW, I know it's strung wrong.
That's pretty neat.
One of my friends has a Lyon - I hate it with a passion, but if it works for you, meh....
you say the guy your bro got it off never got into it?

but the scratch plate is fairly worn down and obv. scratched.
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yeah, get that thing off it, that is really nasty.

definitely looks well played, maybe the guy bought it used. For the money though, it looks like a fun axe. I like strats with maple fretboards too. Also, I can't really tell, but the saddles almost look like graptechs. If that's the case, and it's not crappy wood, your bro scored for $70 IMO. What are you going to get for $70 anywhere these days. It cost me that much to fill my truck up with gas.
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Yeah, i was wondering about the pickguard too. Either way, it's in decent condition. Bar the pickguard.

And the poostrap