Hey guys.....my friend wants to buy either a Zoom G2 or a Korg AX3G......but cant decide.......so he asked me and im asking u guys which one is better..

Well he's looking mainly for SOAD and heave metal and MOP type distortion and well balanced effects........Which one would u recommend ??

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I've got the g2 and I use it mostly for the above purposes and its great, also the zoom noise reduction can make really loud distortion patches literally completely silent
I have the Korg AX3000G... the effects are good, but the distortion is crappy. It doesn't have that nice punch a pedal would have, it just sounds dull and flat, nothing special really.

I suggest you get yourself a separate pedal for the dist/overdrive. Multi-effects don't have that extra edge you would normally get from a cab+head or a single pedal.