has anyone here heard of these guys? if you like blues guitar pick this up. one of the guys in this band is related to the guy from derek and the domino's. the guitarist mainly plays SG's too.
Derek Trucks is currently in Clapton's band; and also the Allman brother's band.
YES! i love this band more than life itself! they're amazing. but no, nobody is related to derek and the dominos. Derek Trucks is the nephew of drummer/founder of the Allman Brothers, Butch Trucks. And the keyboardist, Kofi Burbridge, is the brother of Oteil Burbridge, bassist for the Allman Brothers among other things. And Derek Trucks also plays for ABB. But yeah, he's god.
Yea, I've heard of them. He was on the cover of a Guitar Player magazine not too long ago.


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Fuck tabs. His stuff is all in open-E, so just tune your guitar to that and start picking it up off the records.

Great player, by the way.
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hes a ****ing badass slide player. saw him with his band and the allman brothers in june.
My English teacher brought last years Bonnaroo DVD to school and we watched him and Warren Haynes on the class computer. I enjoyed it.