Hey guys i'm kind of annoyed at the mo, i just bought some Gibson worlds finest pump polish and it's done a really minor thing to my guitar. It was working fine and Id finished polishing my guitar and i was just picking it up to see if it felt any different and I noticed a slight removal of the top layer of finish on the neck. I mean this is really minor and you can only see it in certain types of light but still it's really annoyed me and i wish it didn't happen. sorry for over reacting :P anyway I was wondering if anyone got suggestions on what i can do.
If you really think about it, there's no real purpose to polishing your guitar unless you're looking to sell it.

All you need to do is wipe down any grime with a lint-free cloth after you play.
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Yea, but I really didn't think about it enough I just wanted polish to polish it for some stupid reason. But now something has happened, i probably wont use it again.

Is there a way to easily get the finish back on?