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hi i want to add an effects loop to my marshall how can i do this?

if your marshall has an effects loop (i'm assuming it does), take all your effects and hook them up together. on the back of your amp, connect a cable to the "send" jack and put that into the the only pedal with an open input. then hook antoher cable to the only pedal with an open output and hook that into the "recieve" jack in the back of your amp.

tada. anything else, let me know.
You need to go find the split between the preamp and the poweramp and add two shorting jacks in there.

Look at a schematic of a Marshall with an FX loop, and then yours. It should be pretty simple.
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just for my knowledge... why do you need an effects loop if you can just connect all your effects before the input?
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Some effects sound better after preamp distortion, things like reverb/delay I think
Right on..... you don't want to add distortion to your delay for instance... certainly not your reverb. Another good example... I bought a boost pedal, which essentially gives the line signal much greater volume so that you can boost your volume for solos and stuff at the flick of a switch. In line between the guitar and the amp (before the preamp), it simply drove the preamp harder. Given that I had a ton of gain already, it hardly made a lick of difference. Put in the fx loop, after the preamp but before the power amp, the difference was huge.

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