I just got the LTD Ninja 600 and need a guitar stand that can hold this, as well as four other guitars.
Anyone have a thought on what will work?
I'm looking for something that will hold them all at once.
my stand will hold a V and 4 other guitars just fine. it is made by Rockstand.
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I dont know the name of it, but, get one of those stage guitar stands. They hold about 6 guitars or something, and it's like a clothes rack in the mall. You just either set them in there, or hang them by the neck/headstock.
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hang it by the head stock like you see on guitar shop walls. Those wall mounted hangers are pretty cheap .
The wall hangs wont work for me. I want the all-inclusive stands....I'll try the first one sugessted.
I've got a Hercules stand, and I've been very happy with it. It only holds three guitars at a time, but it's been a great stand. My friend tripped on a cable while a guitar was plugged in, and it flipped the guitar almost level in the air. The Herc kept it's grip though, and the stand didn't topple over. The guitar didn't even get a scratch. Pretty pricey, but they are quality products. I've had mine almost a year, and it's none the worse for wear, the pads are all still like new.
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I too have the Hercules stand. I like it as well, especially the way the guitar locks in as you set it down. I bought it for my RR3 and it works perfectly. If I were you I would get a Herc.
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ya i have a rr3, so i bought a Hercules stand and it works great
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