So I'm pretty new to Electric Guitar. I've played my acousitc for around 4 years, so I'm not new to guitar, just electric guitar. I've been having trouble with..getting the right sound I want from the amp. I have an Ibanez RG370DX and a Roland Cube 30 amp. Everytime I try to play anything that requires a bass tone and a melody (say, strum the low E and let it ring while doing other notes) with distortion, it ends up sounding all...unclean. I know that some of this is the fact that I'm still new to electric, but does anyone have any hints as far as the amp goes to fix this problem? I'm not too sure about the bass, middle, and tone knobs, if adjusting those would help, or just the gain. Any other tips you could give would be appreciated. Thanks!
It sounds not clean because there's distortion and ur letting the notes ring while playing other notes. Its messy. You're supposed to mute it.

For getting the tone you like, try looking through the manual or online for some sample settings (setting for metal, blues etc) for your amp to get you started, and then adjust it to your liking after that.
It hard to play bass notes and then let it ring while playing other notes different from that string using distortion, even with just a little overdrive. You will have to mute the bass note before playing the other notes, of course it won't sound as it were on clean.
well, you won't really get a clean sounding chord with distortion... when you play distorted rhythm guitar you usually play like two or three strings chord (or powerchord)...
"with distortion, it ends up sounding all...unclean."

That is your problem.
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I guess I picked a bad word to describe it...un-clear instead of unclean. Basically...Say...the song The Hunter by Iced Earth. If I try to play that opening, I can only really hear the bass note instead of the seconday 2 note chords. So I'll try muting, as that seems to be what sounds best so far.