ok I have read and watched some stuff with the "Box"and all that good stuff and know one simple solo ... can anyone tell be a good beginner solo
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...Teen Spirit
Seven Nation Army

*getting slightly harder*

Whole Lotta Love
Can I Play With Madness

*Another step harder*

Ace Of Spades
Them Bones
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the vines - outtathaway (box)
intro of led zep - black dog
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i would try the first solos to METALLICA's "sanitarium" or "fade to black", if those dont work out too well then just start off with the solo to Audioslave's "i am the highway". Easy to remember it, and once you got it down you can to lots to change it around to your liking.
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It was my first solo
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A good sounding, easy solo that I never hear anyone mention, is "Since I've been Loving You" by Led Zeppelin.

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