Hello, I've been playing tabs and chords for my self for about a year and so have my friend. Now we've started to play together like a duo playing tabs from UG, so far we have pulled of Chop Suey with Soad playing 1 acoustic and 1 electric but we can't find any other 2 guitarrist songs to play

so if anyone of ya out there have any pretty easy double guitarrist tabs for us please post 'em here especially if ya have any acoustic/electric songs, thx
Any band with two guitars, man!

Try Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Joe Satriani's "Love Thing"? It requires some skill, but it's a great song. You could play it if you try.

Sum 41 have 2 guitarists, and stuff like "In Too Deep" can be played together.
okey, i appreciate your really much, but if you have any tabs that you know off could you please gimme a link? i know im lazy hehe.. and btw, are you sure that you can play them with 1 acoustic and one electric?
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2 guitars? Iron Maiden FTW!!!

edit: Acoustic/electric songs "Parisienne Walkways" by Gary Moore, "Still In Love With You" by Thin Lizzy, technically 2 electrics, but the clena electric would sound nice on acoustic.
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