Poll: do you still play your first guitar?
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yes, all the time
67 41%
yes, but rarely I play my "better" guitar alot more
66 40%
No I'll never touch the thing again
31 19%
Voters: 164.
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mmk so I just bought an ESP Ltd H-1000 deluxe (I love it so far btw ) and I really haven't touched my old guitar (this is my 2nd guitar) since i got the H-1000. I was just wondering if anyone else has this happening after they buy there 2nd guitar, did u ever play ur first one again?

btw i bought it on friday so i guess it has only been 3 days..
Hell no. Compared to my new guitar, my old guitar sucks. Click on the link in my sig to see my new guitar. My old guitar is in pieces. i am selling the peices. the peices of my old guitar are sitting behind my new guitar in the picture
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erm i dont own my first guitar anymore .... i sold the yamaha pacifica i had when i was 11, then i quit till i was 17, and i swapped the strat copy i had for an acoustic for my dad on fathers day after i got my epi
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I sold my old guitar.
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I did the same thing as SGstriker, took apart the old one, but i want to rebuild it and make it better, new paint, hardware, electronics...ect.
But I own 3 electrics....the one in pieces, the second guitar i bought, an ibanez destroyer, and a mockingbird, but the mocking bird has a floydrose and i dont have the right strings on it, they are too thin, so the bridge just drops down and tightens up all the strings, so i need to restring that and put in new pickups and ill play it again...so to answer the question...No, i dont play my first guitar, but i dont play my newest either....
nope, its j/ a wall hanger and i dont even have my 2nd and 3rd guitars anymore, but i j/ couldnt let the 1st one go.
got an epi lp studio with gibson hums...sounds nice
but nothign to compare with my ibanez with l500xl pu
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i still have my first ever guitar..this tiny ass acoustic called a falcon...P.S.....that ****in fly ad at the top of the screen annoys me..i havent been on here in ages, in the hope that it was die...

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As my budget is constrained (by my wife) i buy guitars and keep the old ones.... i am tricky....

Edit: But i lent out my first guitar to a friend who is learning
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my first guitar is a first act acoustic. Its not very ood but i still like it. My second guitar is a b.c rich warlock. The warlock obviously kicks my acoustics ass but i still play my acousitc all the time.
yai never had a fancy guitar dont ask why i just have to earn it so i have two guitars one srat and one GDO300(fender acoustic) i got the elctric first and i never played the electric but after a while i started to play both
i occaisonally play my old one, but not through an amp.... i only play it if it's in the room and my new one isnt. my old is a squier strat, and it's ok but it's crap compared to my ibanez sz520. i think ill give it to my sister and buy an acoustic guitar instead
I started out with a cheap old yamaha classic guitar which I pretty much never use except when I want to bring a guitar somewhere, I do use my first electric though, since I dont have another one , soon to be changed however!
I will always have my Squier cause once I get famous that guitar is going to be worth A LOT!:P

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I have a Les Paul junior I play from time to time, dont laugh because that thing's packing an X2N....looks sexy as hell with the grover tuners also
I play it unplugged every so often, but don't plug it in too much, it's a bit muddy sounding, and terrible when clean.
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My first guitar was a Mex Strat which I swapped the pickups on so yeah I play it alot, it's great!
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Nah, it just sits up in my room.
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i play it alot, but i wouldnt use one of those options as a good response. i have it downtuned, so when i want lower tunings, i use that. my main guitar ill do D standard as the lowest.
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Yeah, my epiphone is my main guitar.
Well, just to be like everyone else, here's my rig:

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My first guitar was a First Act...Now i have a Epiohine LP-100,I destroyed the first act...I REALY DID!
hmm good question actually i would say no only because its missing two strings and the rest feel like dirt since they have been on there for 5 years, damn classical strings
my first guitar is the only single coil that i own and its a pretty good guitar, so ill still play and record with it when iwant a aingle coil tone.
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I no longer own my first guitar. I it gave to a friend's brother so he could learn to play. It was a 1996 Fender Squier Series Stratocaster.
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I'll never touch my first guitar again because its gone. Sold it towards the cost of my 2nd guitar. That one is gone now too. I'm on my 4th guitar but still have my 3rd (LTD H-301), but never play it anymore.
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I dont ever play my old one anymore, it was crap anyways, a damn First Act from Wal Mart.
yeah...well...sorta. My first guitar was a samick, but i rarely played it...i traded it in for my G-400 (with added cash)...and i have learned everything i know to this day on my Epi, and i still play it, i could use some new pickups though
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Tune your old guitar differently. I used to leave my old guitar in drop d (not that drop d is a hassle to tune to), but now its in open E for sliding.
My first guitar was an Epiphone Casino. I still own it. It hangs on the wall in my bedroom. I've always thought it looked great. It goes out of tune pretty easily, but I still take it down and play it almost daily, probably because it's easily accessible.

I own 3 electrics and one acoustic. They all get played weekly. The Gibson Acoustic Firebird gets played daily.
I sold my 1st guitar a while ago, but when I replaced it, I wanted to smash it. :p
my first guitar was a '60's vintage Telstar, sunburst solid-body, with a single humbucker at the neck, rosewood fingerboard, chrome-plated pick guard. The tuners are not too great, but didn't slip so it stayed in tune surprisingly well. It was my only guitar for a good number of years, and to tell you the truth, it's been so long since I played it, I'm sure how crappy it was/wasn't. It had a nice fat dark tone, especially with heavier strings, and I don't recall it being difficult to play. I've thought about changing the tuners, maybe the nut and pickup too. The thing has a warp-around bridge and fixed tremolo, whci I though about swithing out as well. I could probably buy a new guitar for what it would take to fix this one up, but then it wouldn't be my "first".
my first guitar was a westfield E1000 strat, i now hav it tuned to EGDGDE or something like tht. n i hav my fender mustang 4 all othe tunings i play. it's really fun 2 experiment wiv my strat's tuning, so i enjoy playing it
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not really, I experiment on it though. I practice my Soddering on my squier before I touch my Ibanez so I don't make a mistake, and I really abuse the standard strat features.
Psh, I have 5 guitars and I STILL bang around on my ol' Squire Strat.
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