Hey guys we are a pretty new band so all we have is our instruments and no extra equiptment. We need to get a P/A system so we can do gigs but we don't know what to get for a pretty good price, that is still good equiptment. What do you guys recomend? thanx, peace
most bars and clubs have p.a's and if not just don't play there.
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well i always thought it was important for the singer to get practice singing with the band, and out of a microphone.. dont want your first time actually singing the whole set to be a gig...

they aren't cheap, but i'd definantly get a better one if you want to hear over the drums
Every place you will play at will have a p.a., but it is good to practice with a p.a. so that the vocals (lead and backup) can get worked out. You can get a pretty small one, the drums are the hardest instrument to play over so if it can get over the drums it will work.
Some places actually don't have P.A. systems. And what if someone wants to hire you for a private party? I would recommend getting one of those package deals you see in the back of Musician's Friend. Also get some other mics because more than likely, the mics that come with the package are going to suck.

If you need help knowing what PA is right for your band they have sales assistants. I would recommend spending at least $700-$1,000 for a DECENT one.
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Go to guitar center and tell them your qualifications and tell them you wanna keep it under 1000, they'll try to help.

At least they did for me, And now i have an excellent PA system.
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