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My intial take, the title track is typical badass opening track riff-fest (Cochise, Your Time Has Come) "Original Fire" is still the amazing track it was the first time I heard it...and in lays the problem. I did not like Out of Exile at all, outside of a few tracks. So when I first heard Original Fire, I was hoping this was a new Audioslave direction. The Tom Morello comments about how this sounding like Blood Sweat and Tears meets Led Zeppelin or something? (I could have quoted that wrong) really made me even more excited. Well, Original Fire, sticks out like a sore thumb. Nothing else on this album has that flow or melody, basicly the other tracks use the same Audioslave 4 minute rock song niche they have fell into. So in closing, after several listens, this album sounds like "Out of Exile" Which may be good for you, but probably is what will lose me on the band.

I miss RAGE, I miss Soundgarden, heck I miss the sound Audioslave perfected on their first album, which they will never duplicate. I also miss the anticipation for this album in beliving this would be what Tom Morello said it would be. This was a pretty big letdown for me...just another throw away rock album...

But thats only my opinion...
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hahaha "Blood Sweat and Tears". I haven't heard the album yet, but if it's like you've described, I'm with you
it was either that or Earth Wind and Fire, somebody really needs to fix my Morello quote there haha
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earth wind and fire is right. out of exile>debut. so if this is as good as out of exile ill be pleased. original fire is the only track ive heard, and i hate it , theres no stand out instrumentation like on most of audioslaves stuff. also all of audioslaves songs are short except for shadow of the sun, audioslave is in no way a prog band. and where did you get the leak i couldnt find it
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see you hate original fire, and love out of exile, we just have different tastes... not saying I want them to make prog rock, just that their songs are getting a little formatic....and leaks, its at one of the usual suspects for this sorta thing.
Silvertide Rocks, check them out!
I think that revelations has some great songs on it but to me the solos are lacking on some of the songs such as original fire

but otherwise i think it beats out of exile, and overall Audioslave>Revelations>Out Of Exile
I don't know, I've given it a listen and honestly it doesn't sound much like Out of Exile to me, it still sounds like Audioslave there's absolutely no doubt about that. There's a lot more riff based stuff on this album than the last one. A lot of differences in general, just most of it's subtle. Original Fire definitely stands out as one of the more different sounding songs, but there are at least 3 other songs that stood out as different to me, just a little less dramatically. There weren't any songs that I didn't like, in fact the only real problem I have with the album is that the solos are all just a little too weird for my taste, I enjoyed the ones on OoE much more.
I didn't mind the album, but aside from Original Fire and a few other songs, it just wasn't that great. Not nearly as great as their debut. Also the solos kind of sucked.
I don't think we're going to find anyone who disagree's about the solos on this one. Like great Tom, you can make weird sounds, congratulations, you're now doing what a 2 month guitarist who just discovered the gain knob grew out of after a couple weeks.
The first Morello solos were great. In RATM, they were amazing! He had some good ones in Audioslave and OOE ... but if they're anything like Original Fire's solo... *gag* .

Ill hope for Audioslave yet. *continues hoping*
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revelations is audioslaves best album. broken city is the best song they've ever written.
Their one of my favorite bands right now, ant Tom's one of my favorite guitarists. There debut was way better than Out of Exile. The first one had alot more energy and better riffs than the 2nd one and Original Fire. I still can't wait for the new CD though.
Correct. Shadows on the Sun kicks any Out of Exile's songs' ass ('cept Out of Exile )

Someone posted the linked song on Harmony Central. It was okay but wasn't anything that wasn't done before by Morello.