Ok, so heres the first song I've written for my new band. It still needs an ending, and I'm no drummer so there aren't any drum fills at all....just a straight up punk beat. Tell me what you think. Also, if anyone wants to work on an ending or maybe play with the drums it would be awesome.
Swallow your smile.zip
i liked it. what i would change is the little bridge type thing that happens about 1:24. but other than that it was great.

could you check out a recording for me? www.purevolume.com/rolemodel2
Its very crappy recording...but try to look passed that lol..it'll be hard but try.
^Do you mean the part where it goes to the clean guitar? Or are you talking about the breakdown.
just after the clean part...maybe because it sounds wierd because its midi..i dont know. it dont think it fits
The breakdown......I don't know....I love that breakdown. I always thought it was cool. I'll consider revising it though. Thanks for the input.