Just bought the guitar. I realise that the vox valvetronix"AD's" have good reputation,so I was considering either that or the new Vox Da5/15 amp. However would the guitar be well-suited with the amp? (play mostly hard rock,some blues,occasional clean and metal)And if they are a good match,which one is better?
Hmm, try your guitar out with that amp, see what you think, but for hard rock look at the Roland Cube series, you might prefer them.
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Hard rock as in Alter Bridge type?

Cube with a recto model would be much nicer, I don't know if the lower model cubes have the recto models on them, but I can get a great AB tone with my cube. Definitely cube for metal. The cleans are probably about the same on both amps.
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It writing it certainly sounds like a good match to me. Naturally you need to try it out before you decide.
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Get the vox Ad50vt. The 12 inch speaker will help tame the bass for the metal tones.

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