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Keep my SG.
7 37%
Sell my SG for a Gibson Les Paul Studio
6 32%
Sell my SG for a Fender American Made Strat
4 21%
Other (post your opinion)
2 11%
Voters: 19.
well i have a Gibson SG Special Faded that i got about 6 months ago. But Then i was into less of a variety of music. I played Classic Rock, Punk, Hard Rock and Grunge. But now i most play Funk Rock/Metal, Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Blues, Classic Heavy metal, and A little Grunge.So now i have this SG and i like it, but im not sur if it suits my music well enough. so i was thinking that in about 6 months, when i have about 400 dollars, i might sell is to get a Les Paul Studio Or a nice American made strat. Do you guys think that i should sell it, or should i keep it?
Any advice is much appreciated.

Edit: and dont tell me to get a strat just beacause of my sig.
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I would sell your SG Special for MIA Strat. I dont really like Specials in the first place, but why sell it for a low-end Gibson when you can sell it for a high-end Fender? I say Fender. Good luck.
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uh.. the SG should suit your needs pretty well.

Ed Vedder relied on an SG during the Riot Act and Binaural albums (pearl jam = quasi grunge)

Derek Trucks plays an sg, and he is definately a blues man. The dude from Marshall Tucker band plays an SG as well..

Basically, if you are happy with it id keep it. You could upgrade the pickups. As far as the american strat goes, I have one and LOVE it. However, dont just ditch your SG until youre sure you want to get rid of it.
Don't put so much emphasis on guitar to musical style relationship. The only time that that's important is if you're going for a cookie cutter non-unique sound. Furthermore, I find the SG to be one of the best "all around" guitars, and since your list of "preferred" musical styles seems to encompass basically everything, I don't see why you'd want to get rid of your SG.
I'm gonna' suggest that you keep your SG, save up money for a MIM Fender Strat(or a used one, they're cheap.) and have both, then you can use the SG for music requiring humbuckers/more gain and the Strat for the lighter stuff.
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I'd say keep the guitar if you're happy with it. An SG can do pretty much any type of music that you want it to. If you like it and its sound, then don't feel obligated to ditch it because it doesn't 'cosmetically' fit.
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take your guitar to a music store, find the amp you use (or one close to it) And Try out Both your guitar and the guitar(s)your wanting to get, jam a little and if you like the Strat/LP Better then go for it, see what You like better, All of those seem to fit your style in one way or another,

Oh yeah and Woot for derek trucks ,
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^^^^^ I agree with Crunchmeister AKA god.

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I personally love SG's, and I see no point in buying a new guitar if you already love the guitar you just got, But like I mentioned He has to see what HE likes,