I can't remember if I asked this before or not, so I apologize if I have.

For a long while, I've been considering importing a Japanese Fender. However, I've been told that there are customs fees in addition to shipping/retail costs.

Has anyone here ever had any experience importing/exporting guitars out of country? If so, what's the cost?

I'm curious because if the custom fees are close to the price of the guitar itself...
eff that.

Thanks in advance!
thats a tough one.

A lot of people trust ebay for thier jap strats.

Personally if you can get a serial number and arent afraid of fighting a fake id go for the ebay route. there used to be a site i found on google that sold japanese strats in america.
Yeah, I looked on ebay but didn't find what I wanted. I'm thinking getting one of these sent to me:


But thinking about all the "hidden fees" involved are holding me back.
Niiiice, I feckin' love Japanese Fenders.

What you should do firstly is check if you can get one in the country you're in, if not you should work out what it would all cost (try and find out what "hidden fees" there could be and how much they'd be) and then in the end, ask yourself if it will be worth it? And if it's too much you could probably get a USA one if they make them.
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Yeah, if I could find these hotties in the US, I wouldn't be worrying about importing... speaking of which, they've got LOTS of nice guitars overseas that you normally wouldn't find around here. Not just Fenders, either. Here's the site - http://www.guitarjapan.com/index.html

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Alright, but who would I pay that to? Like, would I have to go to the post office? Pay the delivery man?
Brought a BC Rich over from America myself and there weren't even any customs officers to make me pay. But yeah, in the post you'd have to pay a lot and just make sure they give you a good case with that or you'll be paying for a load of chipped wood with strings. But if you find the right guitar it can be cheaper.