Ok...this is my band's song Musical Chairs. Long story about the name, its just something the other guitarist and the bassist shouted out when we were asked the name of the song. Please crit. it is very crappily recorded. i ran the guitars, bass, and vox, mic through a mixer and an extra mic to pic up the drums.

It's very punk. If it were more aggressive it could be written off as an 80's hardcore punk band. You need a bridge, or a breakdown or something to make it a little less monotonous. Also the vocals do not compliment it in any way. With some work, you guys could be an awesome hardcore punk band.
i'm sorry, but i've heard more pleasing sounds from a dying walrus suffering from a terrible case of flatulence.
^The song isn't bad, it just needs to be refined. There is a basic punk verse and chorus in there. It just needs alot of work. It needs variations, like a bridge or something. It also needs to be recorded better.
i agree with bumper
it sounds like it could be pretty sweet with a bridge or something
vocals were all right, not the best, but not bad
and a better recording quality would help
was it made with a computer mic?
all my recordings with a computer mic sound like crap
one of them was a computer mic but the other wasnt. i think the vocal mic was the computer mic. i dont really remember. it sounds so ****ty because of the placement of the drum mic. it was right next to the speaker....bad move on us