Ok i have a Ibanez GRG170DX i no not the best of guitars but have bad uning problems. Is there like something i can do like change the trem to something that won't de tune every 20 mins.
Tighten the springs in the back. If you can, get some wood and block the trem (if you dont use it)
Don't block it off, it found it just makes it come out of tune even more. You should look up one of the videos/articles on tuning, especially if you have a tremolo. Chances are you're just not that experienced with it and have it a little out of whack.
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well ug has a great column here(http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/columns/gear_maintenance/improving_tuning_stability.html)
on inproving tuneing stability and if you can fit more springs on the trem then it will help keep it in better tune, and also try changing brands of strings, it might sound trivial but sometimes some strings are just crap and maby go with DRs they are a little more expencive (5 bucks) but they are a tighter wound string so it wont bind so hard on the string nut.
and you can get locking tuners, word on the street is they are the ****.