Hi, I wan't to start playing electric guitar but I'm almost 18 years old and have no experience at all, I really wan't to learn, make a band and make it successful, do you think I am too old for that?
Nope, never to old to do that. Rock on mate!
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sure go for it man, start woodshedding now and in 5 years youll only be 23 and if you want it bad enough then 5 years is plenty of time to be insanely good. Just dont give up, and try to find a good practice routine, thats the most important thing.
i wouldnt count on ''making it'' Yes its possible but do it because its fun

Having a local band that does local bars pubs and night clubs with a small fan base is very possible

But i am so sick of hearing ''ya man just gotta lay down a few tracks in the studio and im gonna make it'' UM nope sure arent
Well I started playing when I was around 18-19. I'm 21 now and learning is very slow because I have college, job, girlfriend, other stuff to do, but it is something that I enjoy more than anything else. That makes it worth the effort to me. That's why I also believe that it can never be too late to do something you love.
Que va mi pana, yo tambien empece a los 18 con la clasica y dos años despues a la electrica, el cual ya tengo un año. Si te esfuerzas y practicas diario con disciplina puedes llegar a ser un shredder. Aqui te mando un link de unos covers que he hecho con mis 3 años de experiencia:


Translation: Or course not, i started playing at 18 too, first with a classical guitar, then 2 years later with the electric, which i have a year. If you practice enough and with discipline you can become a shredder in no time. Here's a link of some covers that i did with my 3 years of playing. (Link above).