I recently got a Dean rust Razorback and although it is an incredible guitar, it was set up poorly.

I've set up the floyd rose now, and it sounds and plays like perfection. But the dimebucker is giving out a hum that stops when i touch the pickup, pickup selector switch base, output jack or any of the internal electronics.

It's not noticable when playing but when i make an abrupt stop or anything of that nature there is a loud hum that takes away from it, which is a pain in the arse considering i mostly play metal...

Apparently i need to ground the humbucker or electronics but although i can definately play the guitar i'm no technician so if someone could give me some advice in simple terms, that would be terrific cheers
connect the ground wire to the metal of your bridge (if it's painted idk if it'll work) and that might be it if the problem if that it isnt grounded
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Uhh, if it has a trem, the ground wire is normally attached to a metal piece back where the springs are.
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yep make sure you have a black wire running from the back of your volume pot to a claw in your cavity in the back. also did you have any other electrical appliances on when you play? what amp was this on? does this happen on the neck pickup?