Well, just now I was warming up doing simple monochromatic finger exercises when my right index finger stiffened up, and I felt a slight discomfort in my knuckles. I cracked my knuckles and it feels a bit better, but it's still uncomfortable. Do you guys think I should just play, but play slower? Or just not play until my knuckles feel better and the discomfort goes away?
I'd say wait. If it hurts, the general rule is to stop right away. Go slowly when you start back up again to isolate and get rid of the problem.
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Yeah, that's a good idea, because now my index finger really hurts. My index finger knuckle too. So, I'm not going to play for an hour maybe, should be plenty of time.
Stop, go see a doctor? I mean if there's no apparent cause of it, I would ask someone.

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try some simple hand and wrist stretches to loosen up before playing...try massaging your palms and fingers, shaking your hands to get the blood flowing, etc...although they seem pointless, they can be very helpful in preventing injury and strain
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