Marshall makes JCM in combos, and Peavey I think might have a few.
Vox Valvetronix are hybrids, but they still sound good.
Alvarez dreadnought
Gibson SG
Homemade Strat (seymour duncan classic stack p/ups)
Vox Tonelab (original desktop model) with full board footswitch
Vox AD50
Avatar V30 4x12 cab
Peavey 5150/6505, for 1500 bucks you could get a 5150/6505 halfstack from Ebay if you wanted.
As I see the ignorance of humanity engulfing reason and sanity like a wave of perpetual defeat and misery I ask myself, when the hell is everyone going to shut up and actually think?
I got a peavey half stack and an Ampeq tube amp for $500
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