Ive really gotten into tapping licks latley, and am looking for a site, or maybe even a song that has just a bunch of different tapping licks that i can practice just for the sake of practice. I could make my own, but to figure out what will sound good would take longer than i would like to invest. I dont mind the actual practicing part, i will spend as much time as needed on that. I probably wont use it that much in my music, im more looking to be compotent at tapping just to expand my knowledge of techniques- (plus it looks cool, and everyone has to show off the chops sometimes, right?)

Have a look at every Van Halen song.
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If you're looking for some tough yet really cool tapping, try Guitars Suck by Bumblefoot. He uses a thimble to reach the frets off the fretboard.

The solo in Bad Horsie has a lot of tapping in it. Also the lick in The Audience is Listening (also by Steve Vai) at 1:50 is a really sweet/very rockstar tapping riff that looks and sounds really impressive. It's also fairly easy.

Also, try Eruption by Van Halen if you haven't already thought of that. The tapping solo at the end is infamous.

If you're looking for realllyy tough yet cool-sounding stuff, look at Meltdown by Vinnie Moore. It's full of incredible sweep picked arpeggios embellished with a lot of tapping.

That's all I can think of from now. Good luck!
for something awesome but not cheesy, listen to "the final product" by Nevermore, Loomis does a really cool minor pentatonic tapping thing in it. ( i think theres some tabs of it around here.)